This week's readers' letter: Actions speak louder than words

Nick Fletcher MPNick Fletcher MP
Nick Fletcher MP

Don Valley MP Nick Fletcher says plans to increase National Insurance by 1.25% “did not sit well with him” but still voted for it, justifying his decision by adding there was “no other practical solution.”.

What a load of rubbish! There are several other ways this money could have been raised without hammering the low paid. What he really means is there is no other practical TORY solution, as most of these would have meant the better off paying a little more.

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This is the same Nick Fletcher who was happy to see schoolchildren go hungry and who stated in the Free Press that he was in favour of ending the £20 per week supplement to Universal Credit in the middle of the pandemic.

Such a caring man!

They say actions speak louder than words. It’s time Mr.Fletcher stopped patronising his constituents and started representing them!

Andrew Miller

Lindholme, Doncaster