There should be no more delay on Brexit

I very much hope that I am wrong, but on March 29 of this year we will still be in the EU. Still shackled to and bowing down to our masters in Brussels

Thursday, 31st January 2019, 3:49 pm
Updated Thursday, 31st January 2019, 3:53 pm
Another key vote on Brexit was held this week

.A failed Brexit thanks to a coup of conniving, liberal-elite traitors having derailed and hijacked the democratic vote and will of the majority of UK referendum voters.  We voted to leave two and a half years ago, so there should be no more delay and no withdrawing of Article 50.

Already now the political laughing stock of the world, the UK, the very country that brought democracy to the rest  of the world is about to see a bunch of clowns destroy it.

 Brexit must not be stopped or overturned and we should leave on March 29th with, if  not a good deal, no deal. No deal is better than any bad deal offered by the EU. We can make far better use of 39 billion pounds than handing it over to them. 

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Here's hoping that, come next election time (regardless of whether we achieve Brexit or not), UKIP stand a candidate in Yvette Cooper's West Yorkshire ward. Her message to her 70 per-cent Leave voting constituents is clearly just a two-fingered one.

If that 70 per-cent do the decent thing, then they will put their current "Right Hon." ( hmm ? ) MP straight into the dole queue.

Here's hoping also that UKIP stand a candidate in every other ward where there are MPs of her treachorous ilk. 

If similar, self-serving weasels like her are re-elected then there really is no hope at all for our country and it's so-called "democracy".

A Barlow