The price of an education - a false economy

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GET on board and fasten your seatbelts folks - we’re on a race to the bottom.

The powers that be have thought of a great way to ensure that the great unwashed won’t turn their noses up at all those unwanted jobs.

They are just going to make sure they don’t raise their sights any higher by effectively stopping them training or educating themselves.

That seems to be the aim of introducing loans for further education for people aged 24 and over.

Just been laid off? Looking for a new start?

Why not take up an apprenticeship or get some A levels?

That will be four grand a year please.

The further education loans are coming in next March and I can’t think of a more stupid vindictive proposal to attack the people of South Yorkshire.

Anyone tentatively thinking of picking up where they left of at school will be looking at a small mortgage of debt before they even consider going to university, which will land them with a gargantuan one.

If you already owe on a credit card and have everyday bills to pay, the fear of more debts is paralysing.

And this level of qualification isn’t for high flyers looking to earn hundreds of thousands a year.

What is the sense of punishing people who want to improve themselves?

The reason this country is going down the plughole fast is because of the debts amassed on an individual, corporate and national level which plunged us into this mess in the first place.

Along with the banks who gambled it between each other before the music stopped and we had to bail them out.

With billions of taxpayers money that could have been used for hospitals

Still we’ve managed to find £2 million for the election of a new Police Chief.

No doubt some marvellous organisation will spring up to ‘administer’ the loans.

And provide shareholder value with well deserved bonuses all round.

And they’ll start at £4,000, but what’s the betting this will treble like university fees did when the money shufflers get their feet in the trough again?

It’s such a brilliant idea - why stop there?

Why not saddle five year old kids with a £4,000 a year loan.

It will be an invaluable lesson to the debt and servitude they will face in their adult life.

And of course it would only be paid back when they start earning more then a tenner a week if they are fortunate enough to get a paper round.

For those who don’t fancy getting into debt we could forego the idea of universal education altogether and send the young un’s down the pit like in the good old days.

Oh I forgot - they shut them down.