That feeling you get when you know you’re just lunch

IT’s been a week of big beasts. As promised I’ve been to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park for a sneak preview of Vladimir the tiger.

It’s a funny feeling catching the eye of an animal who clearly regards you as little more than a snack.

There’s a shiver of recognition between prey and predator - although in the case of the world’s tigers its hard to know which is which.

Did you know that the bulk of the total population of tigers is now in the USA? They are usually pets and believe it or not they are usually declawed and have their teeth removed.

Happily that’s not a fate that Vlad will face. And talking about claws and teeth, I can confirm he’s got a full set.

He yawned - or was it snarled - at me through the bars and let’s just say I certainly wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of him. All in all, he’s fantastic - and there are three more tigers to come.

The other big beast meeting of the week was the Vulcan. I’ve not been to see it it yet (more on that in a few weeks) but I have met up with the man who runs the multi-million pound operation that runs the Vulcan. There are some fascinating snippets to report - did you know the Vulcan has an ignition key? It’s the sort of thing you would expect for a Morris Marina.

And with the plane comes a few truckloads of the tools and parts needed to keep it flying - plus the men who know her inside out.

We’ve asked the Vulcan team if we can go back and have a closer look at the plane so keep an eye on your Free Press for more reports.

The pulling power of the plane - and our website - was clear this week when we received emails and calls from as far afield as America and Australia to buy copies of last week’s 8-page special to celebrate the Vulcan’s return.

If you would like a copy call 01302 819111.