Soak up the sun and stop moaning

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Come rain or shine us Brits can’t beat a good old moan about the weather.

After spending the majority of the year cursing the gale force winds and rain now we’ve finally got a bit of summer sun and we’re still not satisfied.

Doncaster Free Press reporter Kate Mason.  Picture: Liz Mockler D1594LM

Doncaster Free Press reporter Kate Mason. Picture: Liz Mockler D1594LM

But as temperatures continue to soar it’s not the weather that is getting me all hot and bothered but people’s persistent moans and groans about it.

I’m sick to death of venturing out into the sun only to be met with a sizzling sea of complaints from residents who can’t wait to curse our good fortune.

“It’s too hot for me, I can’t be doing with this weather......”

What’s wrong with people?

Have the good folk of Blighty developed some vampire like aversion to the sun? Because if these moans and groans are to be taken seriously anyone would think they were about to burst into flames if they dared to soak up a few rays.

In fact according to a new survey conducted by home and garden retailer Wilkinson we spend a total of four months moaning about the elements during our lives - FOUR MONTHS.

The average Briton whinges about the climate four times a day, for a total of eight minutes and 21 seconds.

According to the findings the most common complaint is that the British weather is too unpredictable, an annoyance for 31 per cent of people, followed by too cold (26 per cent) and that it rains too much (19 per cent), according to the poll of 2,000.

Shocking as it may sound I can quite believe it but I think after this recent hot spell it won’t be long before moaning about the sunshine makes it onto the list.

Why am I the only person who seems to think a bit of sunshine is a blessing rather than a curse? (that is until blokes feel the need to walk round with no top on - which I wont whinge about again)

Fair enough when you’ve got to trudge to work and sit at your desk all day long looking longingly out of the window at the brilliant blue skies it is mildly irritating.

My situation has not been helped by some faulty air con unit that decides to turn itself off when it’s had enough leaving me to resort to poking it with a big stick.

Temperamental air con units aside I still manage to have a smile on my sweaty face about the fact that summer has finally arrived.

But whilst I’m out stocking up on ice lollies, stoking up the barbecue and purchasing a new paddling pool the moaning minnies out there are buying blackout blinds and factor 50.

We spend thousands of pounds on holidays all in search of that bit of summer sun - yet when it’s right here on our doorstep we don’t want to know. Come on people - embrace the sunshine and for God’s sake stop moaning.