Scrap dry january it’s cocktail club

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The Christmas comedown can be quite depressing with the dark mornings, cold weather and lack of festive decorations.

The presents have been opened, the new shoes have been worn in and I’m officially sick of eating cheese and cold meat.

At this time of year I think it’s all about doing what you can to keep your head above water without imposing even more depressing restrictions on yourself.

So I am quite baffled by the number of people who have decided to take part in dry January.

For those of you don’t know about this concept it involves going a full month without any alcohol - that’s 31 days without so much as a sip.

Now I did manage sober October (in a bid to lose weight for my sister’s wedding) but for me January is the wrong time of the year to be taking on such a depressing task.

The odd festive snowball to reminisce about the festive season is all that’s getting me through at the minute.

After all it’s bad enough trying to cope with the post Christmas slump as it is without being deprived of a nice glass of wine at the end of a busy week.

But according to the fountain of all knowledge that is Facebook loads of you are drying out this January.

In fact the dry January official website states 17239 people are taking part.

A colleague of mine Stephanie Bateman is one such iron willed dryathlete who has taken on the challenge for charity and turned her own misery into cash for Cancer Research which I can only applaud.

But in a rebellious act against the hoards of sober people some friends and I decided to form a new cocktail club.

This blessed event involved us clearing out our booze cabinet and gathering to make freestyle cocktails.

Tom Cruise eat your heart out - we even had umbrellas and glacé cherries, no expense spared.

I discovered the Cocktail Club is the perfect (gin and) tonic to pick you up in January.

Money is tight after Christmas so lavish, expensive cocktail nights out are a tad ambitious but a DIY affair is both fun and easy on the purse strings.

We had a whale of a time trying our hand at different recipes - smug in the knowledge that many of our friends would be sipping on their water.

To those of you who are abstaining I raise of glass (of wine) to you and wish you success in staying on the wagon.

As smug as I am now I’m sure I’ll be extremely jealous when you sober citizens are bragging about your weight loss, perfectly clear skin and full bank balances when you’ve served your time.