School holiday changes are disruptive for all of us

I HAVE children from various schools and couldn’t believe the holidays in April and May vary from school to school. It has been an organisational nightmare for myself and parents as we have had to find alternative childcare at certain times of the day - which does not allow for continuity of care for my families.

One of the children had to go to school in the afternoon for nursery and became very distressed as he was enjoying himself and looking forward to the activities we had planned - either a trip to the park or a games afternoon which the children help plan. I also can’t plan outings as I need to break for the school run, ensuring I am back in time. Having children from different schools is good for socialising skills and the children look forward to meeting up with these friends as they do not always see them in normal school weeks.

This will become more apparent when I have the older child in May and no other children around his age for him to socialise with. When talking to him he said: “It’s not fair as my usual friends at yours aren’t going to be there”. I told him we will make sure that we will still enjoy ourselves. He nodded and looked despondent as I know this is disruptive for him but I will ensure I do my best for him.

My parent has spoken to the school about this and reassured her that this is a one off.

Well let’s hope that’s correct.