In the Saddle: Spotty success at County Show

As you may remember, we've recently been preparing to take my two year old unbroken Appaloosa to Derbyshire County Show to compete in spotted in-hand classes.

Monday, 16th July 2018, 1:52 pm
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 6:02 pm

I took him last year, but due to his young age we just competed in one class. This year I entered two, thinking he's a little more mature (but still essentially a baby - think of him like a toddler) to be able to cope.

Last year we set about taking him to local shows at the beginning of the season, building up to the county showing and his breed show. This year we skipped the local shows. He hadn't set foot traveling for nearly a year so it was interesting to load him on the road outside our house into a big lorry.

I needn't have worried as he was absolutely amazing. Walking straight on eating his sliced apple. I must admit I felt a huge sense of pride knowing that I have trained him to trust me to go wherever I ask.

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En route we stopped off to pick up my friend's Appaloosa - a beautiful 5 year old mare. Sully, my horse, shouted a welcome on board to her. He clearly remembered being stabled next to her at the breed show last year.

It was a very lively show for me in the ring. Sully decided to bust some moves as the excitement grew when he was asked to trot up. The photographer in the ring from Emmpix was brilliant capturing the most beautiful action photos. She came and showed me some when we were in the ring, whereby my teething horse tried to eat her camera! I think Emmpix did a fantastic job getting this photo with four feet on the ground.

The photo is a great memento from the day, along with my second and fourth place rosettes from both our classes. A wonderful time with friends, who shoved me into the classes despite my nerves and Sully jumping around.

I always feel glad when its over and I'm alive. Roll on our breed show.