In the Saddle: Cracking the Easter egg hunt

Well it is lovely to see some nicer weather start to appear as we head in to spring now.

By BarbaraCraythorn1
Wednesday, 17th April 2019, 11:47 am
Updated Tuesday, 23rd April 2019, 5:52 pm
Alyssia (far right) with SDPC junior rally.
Alyssia (far right) with SDPC junior rally.

It’s definitely my favourite season of the year. Full of life shooting up in the garden and a time where the paddocks start to recover and grow after a long winter.

As you may recall, we’ve recently joined our local pony club and have been getting out and about to various rallies, meeting new friends with two and four legs. It’s been great fun out with the Scunthorpe and District Pony Club recently as the children in the Junior Rally section took to horseback to find their Easter eggs this year.

We took Alyssia along to the Easter Egg Hunt with her pony Mara up near Normanby Hall at a place called Bagmoor. It’s part of the Normanby Hall estate and is a cross country course run by the pony club-one I’ve competed in a few times with different horses over the years.

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The children had to hunt for clues across the course and once found they had to answer pony-related quiz questions. It was a beautiful day. The junior rally section were split into teams and taken round the course in small groups. It was brilliantly planned and ensured all the children and ponies had fun.

Alyssia had a brilliant time, although she’s quite a shy girl she was soon leading at the front with her friend Mia. There seems to be so much to do at pony club, with lots of choice. I wish I was back being a 10 years old. It’s something I would have loved. Instead I’ll live my life vicariously through my daughter and turn into one of those pushy pony club mummy’s yelling ‘half halt’ or ‘kick on’ as I see fit at the side of the arena.

Much to the dismay of my daughter, who cringes at the sight of me strutting up to her pony with advice. Thanks to little Mia for looking after my daughter and thanks to the pony club for planning such a fabulous event.