Rogers Rant by columnist Kevin Rogers: And next year’s word of the year will be..

Taking a selfie.
Taking a selfie.

Just when you thought our society couldn’t be dumbed down any more it plumbs even greater depths.

As I write this it appears that august guardian of the English language, the Oxford English Dictionary has decided its word of the year is selfie.

Selfie is a word used to describe a picture you take of yourself on your mobile phone. Barack Obama does it at state funerals.

Legend has it the word was brought into existence by an Australian internet geek, who with an incredible leap of the imagination, came up with the term after realising in the huge lexicon of vocabulary at his disposal, there was no single word available which could be applied to the concept.

So, in true Australian style he added ie to the word self. It could have been worse, he could have omitted the last few letters and put the letter ‘o’ at the end.

Words like doco for documentary or rego for car registrations are common Down Under as ways of enriching our language by making it incomprehensible.

It wasn’t his fault that it was picked up and used by the entire world.

But that doesn’t stop it from annoying me whenever I think about it.

In the past year, scientists have discovered the Higgs Boson fundamental particle using a Large Hadron Collider - words to conjour with - and yet the best the dictionary bods can come up with to celebrate is selfie?

Perhaps it really does sum up the self-centred cobblers which passes for popular culture these days.

It just seems that we are being encouraged to become more and more infantile in the way we speak and relate to the world.

The term onesie and the idea behind it sums up this desire for grown ups to regress into childhood.

A four-year-old wearing a one-piece pyjama suit is one thing but a grown man wearing one while buying pet food and super strength cider in a supermarket is another.

If we carry on at this rate, we will soon be reverting back to baby talk, stroking bow-wows and eventually just start crying when we want something.

A bit like the pouty needy types who appear with regularity on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and are catapulted into superstardom.

So if the trend continues along similar lines what will the word of the year be next year?

As we regress further and gradually lose control of our bodily functions, it will probably be poo poo or bobar.

But by then the idea of the Oxford English Dictionary will become obsolete as we hurtle towards becoming a nation of simpletons. I’ll get off my high horse now - or should that be high poppo?