Reinventing the Big Mac with a Dexter cheeseburger

TRISH Kingham, MD of Kingham's Deli.
TRISH Kingham, MD of Kingham's Deli.

SO WHAT has been happening in the great metropolis of Epworth?

Despite the recent bitter cold Kingham’s Deli was busy making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and amongst others, Steve Otway managed to munch his way through several of these as well reinventing the Big Mac with a Dexter beef cheeseburger.

Iain Hogg popped in for his daily coffee and sandwich and told us that Epworth Rotary Club is currently meeting on Thursdays at 6pm in the Mowbray Arms, if anyone is interested in joining.

Sue Taylor from Isle Lose It, who is responsible for a lot of frozen but sleek and glowing people staggering from their workout at the Thurlow at an ungodly hour of the day was telling me about a new form of exercise that is the ‘latest thing’ – Vibe!

Sue, ever the trend setter, has invested in several of these Vibe bikes.

It’s different to spinning; during a Vibe session you stay with the beat of the music and mimic exactly what the instructor does.

It is all done in a party atmosphere to motivational upbeat music and disco lights! Think party on a bike.

It is suitable for all ages and all fitness levels.

So I think I may have a go at that. For those of us not so sleek and glowing, Boot Camp has now restarted. All info for camp is at

I am sure you will agree it is good to see Sue Lambert feeling better and out and about again.

John and Sue joined diners at the Deli Dinner Club on Valentine’s Night and enjoyed a romantic dinner.

Sad to say there were no proposals on the evening.

On the health front it was a shock to hear that Mickey Walker had a heart attack last month but I can report to all his friends who have been asking that Mickey is up and about and feeling quite a bit better.