Quaffer & Scoffer

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BLT’s is a small intimate cafe tucked away on Wath High Street.

On entering, I immediately felt like was a welcome a guest in the owner’s front room.

I called in on a Wednesday lunchtime and it was fully occupied with OAPs and young mums passing the day and eating their dinner.

It offers a range of traditional English eat-in and takeaway food, sandwiches baked potatoes, Sunday lunch-style dinners and sweets.

Sometimes all you need to hit the spot is a good old fashioned fried breakfast, particularly when there is a nip in the air.

BLT’s is great news if you are on a budget. They do an all day one for a seemingly impossible £3.50.

I chose the even bigger large breakfast at £4.50, which gets you three big rashers of bacon, two eggs and two large sausages.

This is accompanied by four slices of toast, fried bread, beans and fried tomatoes, with a mug of tea thrown in.

The cafe, though small, is clean, light and airy, there are family photographs on the wall and a thank-you notice for customers who helped the cafe raise money for charity.

It gives the impression this is a popular place grounded in the local community.

When it arrived the meal was spot on- in fact it was huge and as they say, set me up for the day.

Particularly good value, the bacon was lean and freshly prepared, as opposed to being cremated and left sweating on a hot plate like some places I could name.

In fact it was delicious and there was plenty of it too.

The sausages were run of the mill but palatable as is generally the case for breakfast on a budget.

The eggs were done perfectly and it was one of those meals I don’t think I could have made myself at home for less.

BLT’s is a friendly unpretentious place for good value English snap.

And on this occasion it was just what the doctor ordered.