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Mexborough is a Mecca for the afternoon sandwich seeker, with a plethora of different choices on offer. Closest to the South Yorkshire Times office on the High Street, is Staniforths.

Each morning the aroma of bacon, sausages and other assorted goodies entices the passer by into a tempting breakfast treat.

At lunchtime the shop offers a different selection of mouth-watering meals like pasta bakes baked potatoes and the delicious staple of pork and stuffing sandwiches.

Along with the takeaways, Staniforths always have a fully stocked bakery with pies, tarts, savouries and bread.

If you are looking for a healthy option there are pre-prepared salads and fruit.

But back to the sandwiches...

There are dozens of fillings to choose from and there is also a choice of bread to have them made with.

Studying the different types of breadcake on offer, I chose a combi-corn breadcake - a large square wholegrain bap, covered in seeds of various types and sizes.

For the filling I had tuna mayonnaise with salad, which came to a total of £2.90.

Unwrapped in the office, the somewhat weighty sandwich was easily enough to feed two people.

Taking my first bite, the bread was crusty fresh and delicious and the benefits of having fresh salad heaped on was obvious.

The lettuce onion cucumber and tomato were crunchy and crackled with flavour. No need here for salad cream or fancy chillis.

The tuna was heaped on, together with a couple of slices of hard boiled egg making an extremely satisfying early lunch.

Better for you than a burger or a pre-prepared in a factory sarnie from the supermarket or petrol station.

As I mentioned, Mexborough has a very competitive High Street for prepared food.

Staniforths sets the bar very high when it comes to making quality sandwiches.

Highly recommended.