Quaffer & Scoffer

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Sometimes a little bit of what you fancy does you good.

Mexborough has a huge choice of eateries, where you can choose from Thai curries, Sunday lunch and healthy salads.

But there’s nothing to beat traditional fish and chips with salt and vinegar to get the taste buds tingling.

A visit to the chippy is still top of the list for many, as my trip to Mexborough’s Main Street Chippy on a rainy July day proved.

I queued up behind several customers choosing from good old fashioned chippy fare and a range of filled baked potatoes.

Along with pies, fishcakes, rissoles and the rest, possibly the most delicious chip shop guilty secret is the venerable deep fried sausage.

Main Street Chippy does them in plain or the battered variety and they come in large or small sizes.

What if you fancy a fish and a sausage?

To have one or the other is nice but to have both at the same time would be belly bustingly greedy...

Or would it?

If your budget is tight and you fancy a feed the Main Street Chippy just might have the answer to the conundrum.

For £3.50 you get a lunchtime special.

This comprises mini-fish and chips with either curry, peas, beans or gravy. And a sausage.

The whole caboodle is served in a tray.

With a generous helping of chips it weighs in at the same size as a standard single portion.

My mini-fish was an excellent quality piece of cod, coated in crisp batter.

The sausage was standard chippy fare and tasty.

I chose peas to go along with the mini-feast, and a spot of tomato ketchup.

There was standing room only in the chippy itself as the window side seats were all occupied.

I wolfed it all down in the precinct, with a can of pop.

It was perfect comfort food as the downpour bounced off the pavement.