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Tasty Pizza scoffer review
Tasty Pizza scoffer review

TastY Pizza is a busy takeaway on Station Street, Swinton which was doing a brisk trade when I popped in to try it out on a Friday tea time.

Tempting the fast food pounds is a very competitive market these days and offering something in a different class to the stuff available in supermarkets is becoming an ever-increasing challenge.

But the local pizzerias are always busy - they must be doing something right.

When you step into the shop it is already a hive of activity, with tempting chargrill smoke and foody smells from the four corners of the globe permeating the atmosphere.

Tasty Pizza offers a big range of variations on the pizza theme, from classic Margherita to more experimental Turkish variations with donner meat, chilli and bacon.

There is also an impressive range of kebabs on offer on the chargrill, along with the usual burgers and Southern Fried chicken and wings.

Tasty Pizza were doing a buy one pizza get one pizza or Doner Kebab free deal, when I called.

I was up for a feed and so I decided to order a meat feast 10 inch at £8.70 and try it alongside the seafood special pizza of the same size.

The meat feast consisting of ham, chicken, salami, pepperoni, ground beef, donner meat and herbs looked like an interesting proposition. a

On both both pizzas the melted cheese was on on top of the ‘toppings’.

I deliberately avoided the hotter chilli options on the menu, but the meat pizza was very tasty. I had expected huge slithers of donner meat to wrestle inconsistently with the pepperoni and ground beef, which surely are entirley different taste propositions, but mixture was blended expertly and all the flavours melted together. Delicious!

The seafood special pizza was straightforward tuna prawns and herbs, giving a simple counterpoint.

A perfect mix when sharing over a few cans while watching the match, or indulging in a post pub treat.