PAUL DICKOV: Our destiny is in our hands – and I’d have probably taken that

"I have experience of final day drama as a player." - Paul Dickov
"I have experience of final day drama as a player." - Paul Dickov

We are in a scenario where we need to get a result on the final day to ensure we stay up.

It’s a massive positive for us that our destiny is in our own hands. As tough as it’s going to be going to champions Leicester, we know if we win we’re ok. If we draw Birmingham have to win at Bolton for us to go down.

In all probability at the start of the season, if I was told we would have that scenario going into the final game, I would have taken it.

I’ve said all season that I don’t look at other clubs’ results. But I was looking at Birmingham’s result on Tuesday night – after I’d come back from the two hour run I’d gone on to avoid the game.

I won’t kid anyone and say I wasn’t delighted with Birmingham getting beat, because it was that which put our destiny in our own hands.

There will be times on Saturday where I will probably need to know what’s going on elsewhere because it could affect what we’re doing.

But my staff are primed about what I need to know and what I don’t. I think we’ll probably have a good idea from the supporters.

Hopefully I won’t need to know. That will be the ideal scenario. It’s imperative I look at what we’re doing and how we’re doing it.

If the lads ask me during the game what’s going on, depending on my mood, I might tell them.

Having to get a result is something I’ve had quite a few times in my career.

The year Man City got relegated out of what is now the Championship, we went to Stoke on the last day needing to win.

But it was out of our hands, we were relying on other clubs to get beat.

It ended up being a surreal experience. There were probably more City fans there than Stoke, and we were at their place. We won 5-2 but results didn’t go our way and we went down.

We had the same experience at the opposite end of the table as well. We went to Blackburn on the last day needing to win to get promoted to the Premier League.

We were 1-0 down at half time and it should have been six. Matt Jansen must have hit the post and bar five times and we used up more luck in that 45 minutes than we had in the previous 45 matches.

When we got back in the dressing room we knew we couldn’t trly on any more luck. We got an equaliser early on, ended up winning comfortably 4-1 and got back-to-back promotions.

I’m positive about going to Leicester on Saturday and getting the result we need to survive. I believe we’ve got the players who can rise to the occasion and get the job done.