Parking after six can cost you more than you bargained for

I RECENTLY visited Bawtry to attend a charity event.

I parked in a spot in Market Place and I did not observe any signage warning motorists of late night parking charges.

I did not attend the ticket machine at the time, as never in my wildest dreams did I think that a council owned piece of land would apply late night parking charges.

I understand that Bawtry Town Council considers that sufficient revenue will be made that this will negate any need for council tax precepts to be raised.

My concern is that I am a law abiding citizen, in fact I am an Inspector with South Yorkshire Police, and in no way was my intention to “avoid” paying for a parking ticket.

My grounds for complaint are simply that there is not enough clear signage to notify motorists of this practice, and thereby this seems to me to be an unethical situation.

I feel that if the charging of parking beyond 1800hrs, signage should be illuminated, the text size bigger and on a better background, and certainly more signs.

I am more than willing to pay for a retrospective parking ticket but I contest the lawfulness and appropriateness of the charge in light of the circumstances outlined.