My View, Nadeem Murtuja: Conflicting EU claims leave us confused

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On June 23, we have to answer the most important question in our democratic lives– should we leave or remain in the EU.

Frankly, in the next few weeks it will be the only conversation in town, and I’m afraid to say that we will be given so much conflicting information thta trying to make an informed decision will be nigh impossible.

Many of the issues that affect our lives aren’t determined by the EU

Nadeem Murtuja

For example, the Government claims leaving the EU will cost each household £4,300. Whilst other members of the same Government state that if we left the EU, not only will we be liberated, we’ll save money too. Confused? My main concern in making this decision is how it will impact on our town. Since the Panama revelations and Hillsborough verdict it’s been reinforced that the law looks after the rich, yet the helpless will always struggle.

I know many people are worried about immigration and our borders, and it is certainly true that people within the EU can move freely and reside in other European states, but to say that we don’t have control of our borders is not completely true. For example, let’s not forget that we choose who we let in from outside the EU; we choose when we allow refugees to come here, even if these are abused children fleeing war.

We should not forget that we have more than a million UK citizens in Spain, three hundred thousand UK citizens in France and approximately two million people across the EU in total. Therefore, if EU migrants are a drain on our economy and public services, I just wonder what kind of drain these millions of UK people will be on our economy if they had to return.

I could go on, but I’m afraid for each argument I make, there’s probably a contradictory response in return. For me answers to only two questions will help me make my decision – the first being do we have a contingency budget or a recovery plan in place that protects us all if leaving the EU goes wrong, and secondly are disabled and minorities better protected from this Government if we remain in the EU or outside it?

The fact is that many of the issues that affect our daily lives aren’t determined by the EU.

For example, who do you think should take responsibility that the gateway to Doncaster, the A630 road has been butchered by contractors; that our MPs voted for us to go to war in Syria; levels of inequality in our town are increasing, that many people cannot name their councillor, or that Hexthorpe still has community tensions?