My View, Cheryl Sadler: School holidays are nearly over already

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I feel like I should whisper this, or at least get you to cover the children’s ears before I start – it’s almost time for school!

Now I do hate to be the one to talk about it first, as I know people are busy enjoying the holidays and there is still plenty of time left to have fun, but we’ve already started to see our back to school stores get busier and busier.

Clarks Outlet has already given out thousands of free watches to children from across the region who’ve been measured for and bought new school shoes.

This is part of our campaign to get children telling the time.

We were amazed to read a survey which showed that one in seven Britons can only tell the time using a digital watch.

We wanted to help the children who visit Lakeside Village to buck that trend and learn the important skill of telling the time.

So for every pair of school shoes purchased from the Clarks Outlet we have been giving away a free children’s watch.

We are also holding a special event as part of our We Love campaign.

On Saturday, August 29 at Lakeside Village it will be WE LOVE… Learning Day, including an Alice in Wonderland Time Telling Workshop with the White Rabbit and the Mad Hatter.

But it’s not just about new shoes.

Who can forget the excitement of getting a new pencil case, pens, rulers, rubbers and note books?

The excitement when they are all fresh and unused and the pleasure of writing your name on the front cover of the book on the first day.

The Works is full to the brim with all the latest stationery, from rubber pencils to colourful cases and the low prices mean that you really can kit your child out without it breaking the bank.

So there I’ve said it.

As sad as it may be, the school holidays are almost over.

That means that a new school year is about to begin.

But don’t get disheartened – it’s not that long until October half term!

* Cheryl Sadler, centre manager, Lakeside Village