My View, Bill Morrison - What happened to our society?

Bill Morrison, Chair of Doncaster 50 Plus.
Bill Morrison, Chair of Doncaster 50 Plus.

Over the weekend and over a drink with a few friendly oldies the world was put to rights.

One big issue just now for my friends was the apparent lack of willingness to speak out against injustice.

The headlines of the past few weeks have made dreadful reading and we must ask ourselves a very simple question and its this, are we perpetuating injustice by not standing up to be counted?

I think in some ways we are, we discuss issues with friends but we don’t shout out to the people who can bring about change. For example the current child abuse story surrounding Rotherham , why are there no prominent resignations forthcoming?.

It’s not good enough for an individual to say and I quote “I would have prevented it if I could”.

Anyone in a leading position can and should make every effort to prevent such things happening in our civilised society. Playing the race card is nothing more than a cop out. But it has to be said our ethnic communities feel that they too could be accused of racism by speaking out.

The cultural differences can sometimes be seen as a barrier,they are not in my mind, they are the basis for discussion, sharing of moral values and understanding of everyones aspirations for the future. Our children are our tomorrow and it is their right that we all stand together and demand that they are safe, cared for and educated in the rights and wrongs of life. Rant over onto more pleasant thoughts.

Race week is upon us and memories flood back to how it used to be stalls along the High Street, colourful characters abound. Most of Doncaster went on holiday and the town took on an almost carnival atmosphere. My first job on leaving school was at Wild & Sykes Ironmongers and I remember being amazed at the great stream of traffic flowing through the town. I had never seen so much traffic in one place, being a simple soul just off the boat from Ireland.

On a lighter note the children are back at school and Christmas is just around the corner. How early does Christmas have to start. Shops with racks of cards and gift ideas are popping up everywhere. When it gets here what an anti climax it will be, everyone including the kids will be fed up of the wait. I have fond memories of what Christmas used to be and it never started before December. When the great day arrived it was excitement beyond imagination. For myself it was a small toy along with a handful of nuts an orange and maybe a shiny new sixpence, what joy.

Now of course children expect electronic gadgets iphones, iPads, tablets (I thought they were aspirins) I struggle to know the difference. Luckily I have grandchildren who explains it all and leave me just as perplexed as when they started. We will look at Christmas in more detail later.

* Bill Morrison, Chair of Doncaster 50 Plus.