My View, Bill Morrison: Stop patients smoking around hospital


Another great oldie debate has taken place and we are not happy.

About what, you may ask. Well it went something like this. Why do hospitals have bugs and so on?

We suspect it might be a lot to do with all those ill people who stand around by the front door smoking, spitting and coughing while still attached to their various transfusions, plaster casts and such like.

Our own DRI is a joke in this respect. How many bugs do these people take back in with them, on their feet, dressing gowns, not to mention their bed-wear?

Are they happy knowing that they have contaminated everything they have walked on or touched? What is annoying is that DRI is a no- smoking hospital, grounds included.

If I overstay in the car park by 10 minutes I will no doubt get a ticket but I don’t know what is done about bug carriers putting other patients and visitors at risk.

Why have a rule if you are not going to enforce it to the benefit of all. Now they do have a recorded message playing. It’s the voice of a child asking us not to smoke. Get a grip. How many are taking or going to take notice? From my experience not many if any. It’s not a prison but it is a hospital. Hardly rocket science but maybe to some it is.

To something else. Why do utility companies have meter readers? No I don’t know either.

We are all encouraged to adopt technology and have super meters that can be read at the click of a button.

So why do I get text messages asking me to send my readings to avoid estimated bills? Am I missing something here? We pay for a service and do it ourselves. Even when you oblige by sticking the card in the window you get an estimated bill.

Well I ignore all the texts etcetera and when the bill comes (estimated) I ask for a proper reading. They get quite annoyed but, hey ho, that’s life.

The mobile phone company is another comic. They text me to say my bill is overdue. Not possible. I don’t get a bill in spite of numerous requests. What they really mean is we don’t want to send you a paper bill, it’s more profitable if you agree to just pay without a bill. Sorry, not listening.

Drug use and related problems we discussed. It was agreed that, stop the users by giving out severe penalties for possession and or use. If it is an illegal drug, however small the quantity, they should be facing a minimum 10 years and that’s for the first offence. After that it should be nothing less than 20 years. A strong deterrent for the user will ultimately lead to a huge reduction in use.

Would you indulge if you knew getting caught would lead to 10 years or more? I think not.