Memories come flooding back..

Looking through past issues of the South Yorkshire Times this week, I realised it was five years since we had the last big floods in 2007, which took me a bit by surprise.

And going back even further to the other large deluge around here took me back to the year 2000, Twelve years ago, bellieve it or not

Rivers burst their banks, roads became impassable, schools closed and families were evacuated.

But both of them have passed by in the blink of an eye.

The year I passed my driving test, the year I was up to my neck in mud at Glastonbury...

It’s a hoary old cliche that the older you get the faster time seems to pass.

But something I read on an Internet forum made me gasp even more than the whistful yearning for trench foot.

The year 1988 is as old today as 1964 was in 1988!

Now I know this is steeped in obviousness, but the two years have a particular significance. I was born within a whisker of 64 (late December 1963 was a special time for me).

And I left home in Wombwell for the bright lights of the Steel City in 1988. I was a proper mester then, or so I thought.

And here I am back in the Dearne 24 years on - twice as old.

The next anniversary I’ll be in my 70s and it’ll have gone even quicker. One minute Your life is stretching ahead of you and now you realise it is stretching behind.

Now then now then.. I’m not going to get all maudling on you about this, but doing the years game just highlights how time is playing tricks with us all.

Films for instance are a ready reckoner for folk, who to me are relatively bairns, to say; “Did you realise that..?”

At 30: Terminator 2 was made 20 years ago

At 25: Toy Story over 15 years ago

At 20: Shrek 10 years ago

At 28: Jurrassic Park 18 years ago...

Apologies to people who are my elders and betters, but you get the gist.

Here’s one for the old gimmers.

The Rolling Stones formed in April 1962 so they’ve been going 50 years.

This is the equivalent of an act celebrating the same period in showbusiness in 1962 starting in 1912.

Which is when the Titanic sank and Barnsley won the FA Cup!

I reckon we might have readers who even remember those days.

If they played the year game they could go back 200 years.

And time will be passing so quick for them, everyone else will be talking in helium voices and walking like Buster Keaton.