Lincoln’s finishing line is a full stop for winter

BIG weekends generally cost a bit - but I lost my shirt at the Lincoln.

I and thousands of others watched as the favourites fell by the wayside over and over again on a glorious Spring day.

The racecourse is reporting an increase in visitor numbers over Saturday and Sunday’s racing which is fantastic news.

I have to say that overall for me - apart from my disastrous attempts at picking a winner, or anything that looked remotely in the running - it was a great pleasure to be at the racecourse on Saturday.

It felt like a full stop to winter (apart from a sudden downpour on Sunday which caught out a few) and the first time this year thousands in the town have the chance to get out and about in their finery in the fresh air.

The pictures in today’s paper pretty much say it all - lots of smiling faces. But you’ll note there’s none of me with teeth on edge, tearing up my betting slips.

TALKING of picture specials I hope you enjoy reading the eight-page souvenir we’ve put together on the Vulcan.

Doncaster’s direct link to the terrors of the Cold War and nuclear weapons is both chilling and fascinating.

How far we have come both in terms of world politics and our own town’s development.

The former RAF Finningley is now one the country’s - if not the world’s - most successful civil airports of its size and type. And now they have the Vulcan as icing on the cake.

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