This week's readers' letter: Compliment from learned gentleman

My last letter appears to have ruffled Mr Robinson’s feathers, it is very nice to be put right by such a knowledgeable person.

Thursday, 3rd June 2021, 11:00 am
Fingerprint Scanning

He apparently gets his expertise from Channel 4 and BBC and other websites, (really?) I find that everything on the net and TV is very selective in its reporting at the very least.

I have never professed to be better than anyone else, but the comment “it was soon plain to see that he was better than any of us” I will take as a compliment from such a learned gentleman.

I am not advocating any selective group, I am advocating putting everyone on a level playing field, now why would anyone want to object to that? Millions of people do enter and leave the UK every day and half a percent is a lot of criminals (your figures!), don’t you think we have enough criminals of our own? Just when would you say would be the time to say ‘enough’?

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DNA and fingerprints can be retained for terrorism related reasons but what about retaining fingerprints and DNA for the public’s safety and security?

Police in the UK have now got fingerprint scanners that can tell them who’s fingerprint it is in less than a minute, I don’t believe this would slow down departures and arrivals. The information could be collected over years not weeks or months.

Anything that is applied for would require a fingerprint which would be added to the database and DNA added with any kind of medical appointment, they obviously would only need to be registered once. The cost would eventually be cancelled out by stopping many frauds, scams and false claims being made that are draining tax payers money from the UK’s Social Security and NHS.

Dave Croucher

Pinfold Gardens, Fishlake