Readers' Letter: New homes in Doncaster is not the solution


By Barbara Craythorn
Thursday, 7th October 2021, 11:09 am
Updated Thursday, 7th October 2021, 11:26 am
Labour are asking for 18,000 more homes to be built
Labour are asking for 18,000 more homes to be built

I thought I had entered the twilight zone when I opened last week’s Free Press. Over the worst two years in our country's modern history we saw and dealt with a pandemic that caused the deaths of thousands, the closure of businesses never to be able to re-open to continue or soldier on. With the loss of life savings many face financial hardship.

However it seems Ros Jones, the Mayor of Doncaster, has discovered the answer to our dire financial situation and the destruction of our environment.

The controlling Labour party are continuing to destroy our villages and communities and are calling for another 18,000 homes to be built in Doncaster to make it a wonderful place to live and to experience! Oh boy I can't wait!

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Our town centre is now virtually non-existent but never fear the doyens of business, the Labour party, have helped to make it environmentally friendly by raising business rates, thus raising rents, reducing public transport and making it harder to travel to work without driving. However we now have a cinema promoting the most environmentally unfriendly industry and a sculpture, those two things will certainly raise much needed revenue for our town.

The building of 18000 new homes is a masterclass in work and homelife combination. A visit to the new build on Hatfield Lane Armthorpe shows just how much thought has gone into the planning of this build.

You can buy an environmentally friendly house right next door to the industrial units where you can work, therefore you will not need to drive your car that throws out enough carbon unfriendly gases into the atmosphere to choke a small village. No, you can let the juggernauts do that when they are pulling up night and day around the clock to fulfil the demands of the iPort. The kids in the play area will all suffer with extreme asthma, but hey that's ok because the buses will take them to schools in areas that are miles away from home, so they can breathe easier for some hours of the day.

We'll all be fraught with bad tempers as the noise pollution exceeds any and every law.

This my friends is the Labour Party' s new strategy. Doesn't it make you want to choke!

Anne Rutherford

Norwood Road, Dunscroft