Readers' Letter: First buses should inform passengers properly


By Barbara Craythorn
Thursday, 27th January 2022, 10:00 am
Updated Thursday, 27th January 2022, 10:31 am
A number of buses were suspended last week in Doncaster. (Pic: Alex Baxter).
A number of buses were suspended last week in Doncaster. (Pic: Alex Baxter).

Re: First Buses being suspended in high volume.

Allow me to tell you guys what it meant travelling by bus in the last six months.I have had so many days not being able to go to work or coming back from work at a proper time.

In the early mornings, I could not go to work on time because there have been several buses being cancelled without even bothering to let us know in time.

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By now, I could have easily sue First for all the times they made me lose my jobs, not being on time in the morning, or end up home four-five hours later than normal.

I can’t always afford to pay taxis from Lakeside going to Bentley. Or from Iport going to Bentley.

In September I have waited for bus 72 to show up from 5:20pm to almost 7pm in the evening. And it was not just me.

After waiting for bus 205 that came late and never bothered to stop on Carr Hill, I walked 15-20 minutes to bus 72 around Amazon LBA1.

There were several people already in the bus stop. All freezing, angry and wet because it was raining and the last two scheduled buses didn’t show up.

First company did not care about any of us.

Finally a bus came on the other side after two hours and it was a 73. After going the long run, I wanted to jump on the 66. That one came also late. They always do. Ended up home at 8:20pm after finishing at 4:45pm.

I have tried to call First because they are so disrespectful that they never really bothered to put any updates on their website, app and most importantly on the buses and bus stops about the cancellation or disruptions they will have.

They also never answered their phones.They also put up prices for tickets during all these times they messed up.I almost lost a job around Christmas due to them not being able to stick to a proper schedule. Just recently I was waiting for bus 66 from Tesco, Bentley in the morning at 5am. It was freezing cold. They never showed up.

The next one came 5:45am. For 45 minutes I waited for one to come.

Needless to say I was late. It went on for weeks during autumn and never changed even after.

We also have animals waiting at home to eat. If I leave at 7am in the morning and end up coming 12 hours later when I should have been home around 5pm, who feeds them if you leave alone? It’s crazy. I am mad about this. I can understand it is a shortage, but at least take the measures to inform us properly.

Ana Batiescu

by email