Readers Letter: “Doncaster town centre is an absolute disgrace”

Doncaster now is an absolute disgrace, from being such a beautiful town in years gone by.

Wednesday, 1st December 2021, 5:21 pm

About 10-14 people are congregating outside Crawshaws where the old Co-op used to be, high on drugs, abusive to people, begging fighting, swearing. This is every day.

They are congregating, begging for money screaming abuse and shouting there are women high on drugs who want to fight all of Doncaster.

Today me and my husband had to go to the Yorkshire Bank and across from there were two wardens from the council.

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There was a young boy just playing a guitar and they must have been asking him if he had got a music licence?

Instead of going up there and sorting them out.

It’s disgusting.

You talk to anybody they are saying they don't go into Doncaster any more now.

Doncaster used to be a fantastic place and a credit to the people that live here.

They are planning to have a bowling alley?

Nobody will go to it, because down there it is full of beggars and those who are high on drugs.

The police are doing absolutely nothing. Who do you report it to so something can be done?

I’m sure other people would write in and tell you the same thing.

People used to come here from all over and they don’t come to Doncaster now because of this.

Pamela Boulton, Balby