Readers' Letter: Doncaster MP needs to support businesses around his constituency


Thursday, 6th January 2022, 10:00 am
Doncaster North MP Ed Miliband

It is typical of Ed Miliband to try and put all the blame for the U.K.s struggles on to the Government and, at the same time try to appease his constituents by offering them a Happy New Year. You may be aware that in the Brexit Referendum, Ed chose to ignore the 73% of his constituents, very many of them Labour supporters who instructed him to help get us out of the clutches of the EU. You may also recall that Parliament, under David Cameron, pledged to support the outcome of the Referendum. Keir Starmer, courageously, accepted the vote and did nothing and after many Labour candidates including Ed, took a massive hit on their former comfortable majorities in the General Election John Trickett, Labour Hemsworth posted a scathing attack on Labour’s pathetic support of the UK on Brexit. There was no comment either agreeing or disagreeing with this out burst from Ed or Keir Starmer so did Ed accept he had failed both his constituents and his Country? Whilst mistakes were made on reaction to Covid infections a problem experienced globally but the UK, were the first to produce a workable vaccine and undertake multiple vaccinations, way in advance of most of our European neighbours. The Chancellor released £billions to help employers and employees, house-owners and tenants to ride out the storm and the vast majority have appreciated this help and communities have, as usual, made the best of a bad situation apart from some Politicians and newspaper reporters who only deal in negatives.

Instead of bleating Ed needs to actively support the businesses in and around his Constituency which he has ignored for so long starting with the promise of success at Drax on Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage [BECCS] with its partnership with the Japanese company Mitsubishi. After a gap of 9 years Drax is trying to put the UK at the forefront of Green energy once again.

Ed Miliband has not shown any interest in this nor the link between ECML and airport neither has Dan Jarvis the South Yorkshire Mayor. We cannot afford to let these schemes fade away and we expect all our local MPS to concentrate on the positives and, by all means, learn from past mistakes.

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Ron Firth