Readers' Letter: Climate policy is all talk when green space is still being developed


By Barbara Craythorn
Thursday, 14th October 2021, 10:37 am
Climate change
Climate change

Chris Owen’s letter in the Free Press recently regarding the loss of green space in Rose Hill touches on the same topic that I was venting about in my letter regarding the concreting and paving over of gardens across Bessacarr and Doncaster as a whole. Three more gone under since I wrote that letter a month ago.

The council has absolutely no idea how to react to their declared climate emergency, no idea about how much the green environment is changing whilst they dither. The hope that “all Doncaster residents, businesses and organisations put the environment at the forefront of their thinking” is just wishful thinking. The residents are just interested in what they want now, car parking a the front of their house, and businesess. organisations and counils making a profit.

A non-political environment tsar is needed, supported by local people. Wildlife Trusts, RSPB, etc, to have a final say on anything large or small that affects the area we live in. To look at rewilding areas, giving green space back to the people, stopping big business and council doing their own thing.

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The plight of their children and grandchildren in the future has not dawned on some people as yet. When it does the government and every one else willb e blamed but ask yourselves – what did you do about it?

Concerned resident, climate change believer