LETTER: Doncaster yob behaviour needs to stop

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A regular visitor to Doncaster has been left ‘appalled’ by foul-mouthed teenage gangs running riot at Doncaster’s Frenchgate Interchange...

I don’t live in Doncaster but I do visit the town once or twice a week to see friends and relatives.

I was especially interested in the article on August 27 on Public Space Protection Orders.

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I was appalled on several previous occasions at the yob behaviour of gangs of youths in the Frenchgate Interchange who use the area as a meeting place to cause trouble and harass other people, especially other youngsters who are on their own.

They prefer a confrontation with odds of eight or more to one.

On a one to one situation they are not so brave.

On one occasion recently a young boy of about 14 was seized by the gang and dragged around like an animal for around 20 minutes, and on another occasion another youngster was chased around (by the same gang I think) and only intervention by the security man saved him from assault.

On a third occasion, only last week an elderly man was the victim of a gang which included a foul- mouthed teenage girl who orchestrated the incident at around 3.15pm. The security service evicted the young thugs but when I came back at around 7pm, when there were no security men around, they were back.

J Quiller


WHAT DO YOU THINK? Is there a problem of teenage gangs in the town centre? What can be done to tackle the problem?

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