It would be great to fly direct to my home town

Being a proud Doncastrian living abroad, I regularly travel back to home to visit much missed family and friends.

When travelling back I usually travel through either London or Manchester - meaning I have an extra two to three hours journey left once I am on British soil. My question is why?

It is widely acknowledged that Robin Hood Airport has a runway with capacity to handle jets of any size, proven last year when the world’s largest landed at the Finningley landing strip. I accept there isn’t a demand for flights to Doncaster from the United States, but I would still like the option of flying via another European city, with adequate transfer times and at an affordable price. The last time I looked at booking a flight home into Doncaster, I had to change in both London and Belfast or Amsterdam and Belfast, meaning excessive transfer hours and a total journey time of 18 hours.This stems from when the idea of Doncaster Airport first emerged. Poor planning meant poor transfer links, this meant no investment by major airlines. Maybe Doncaster Council should work with Peel Airports to expand the airport. This would mean promises for future development of local transport infrastructure, as well as local services and amenities. All I say is why not make Doncaster a first class short and long haul flight origin for the North of England?