It’s a great job but woe betide you cross the line

It can be a joy to work in newspapers and especially a title like the Free Press.

But I wonder if some of those caught up in the national newspaper mobile phone tapping scandal are quite as happy with their lot, especially after the latest revelations that the hacking could have touched up to 4000 people.

There’s an enormous cultural difference between national and local newspapers - and this story demonstrates it beautifully. A newspaper like the Free Press doesn’t behave badly. We can’t afford to.

We’re part of your community, we play an important role in local democracy and who else but us will let you know what’s going on in your town.

And it’s not only a moral responsibility that keeps us on the straight and narrow. Should we cross the line of decency someone with steam coming out of their ears will undoubtedly turn up in reception - and I’ll go and see them. It’s called being accountable.

THE traffic jams in Doncaster at the moment are truly terrible. Takes me back to my days in London where I sold my car about two weeks after moving down. I bought a motorbike instead - so following the silver-lining theory I wonder if Donny’s motorbike dealers and cycle shops will see a benefit from the roadworks? If anyone can actually get to their shops that is.

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