How exercise helped me leave behind road to hell

ABOUT 9 years ago, I went through what can only be described as hell. My relationship with my son’s father broke down. I had no job, two children under two and no money. I thought I could cope, and for people looking in at me, I guess they did too, but it soon became apparent I couldn’t. I started to lose weight, I became paranoid and anxious. I couldn’t sleep well, wasn’t eating properly and was basically one big mess. That was the beginning of my bout of depression that was to last two years.

But the one constant thing that kept me going (and this is apart from my beautiful children) was exercise. No matter how low I felt I always felt better after a good training session. Just focusing your mind and body on a rhythmical activity can help relieve anxiety and depression. Exercise is a great stress buster too, not only because it relieves muscle tension but also because it gets your heart rate up! The combination makes you more relaxed and alert and therefore, better able to deal with your problems. Joining a class, boot camp or running club can help lift the feeling of isolation that can develop.So, before you go running off to the doctors for a quick ‘pick me up’ take a long hard look at your lifestyle. Making some simple changes really could be the difference between feeling like a bag of spuds and feeling on top of the world every single day!