“Houses would have been asset to Doncaster village”

Regarding the planning application for five houses on what was a garden but now is overgrown and not used.

By BarbaraCraythorn1
Saturday, 06 April, 2019, 09:52
The site where five homes were planned has been rejected

First of all, I would like to thank Councillors Joe Blackham, Linda Curran, Derek Smith and Mr Ken Knight, all of whom understand our problems in the village of Hatfield and spoke at the planning meeting in favour of the application. But to no avail, as it was refused by the planning committee.

The planners should come and see our traffic problems in a morning and afternoon when the school traffic parks on the busy A614 road as it becomes a one-way street. Even on the planning day, we had an accident outside the school. There is traffic from Moorlands and Lindholme prisons, the Robin Hood airport and the HGVs all heading to the motorway at Tudworth. This problem could have been solved if the planning had been successful.

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This would have been an asset to the village hall and the children's play area. As the Hatfield town councillor for the village, I was disgusted with the outcome.

John Brown, Hatfield Town Councillor

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