Fast food just got faster!

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In a pickle what to eat? The first crisp sandwich shop has opened up in England, and guess where it will be?

Yes, that’s right, Yorkshire!

The shop is the brainchild of Mark Pearson, who plans to sell all varieties of the chip snack in everything from bread and baguettes to, erm, tea cakes.

The shop, amusingly called ‘Mr Crisp’ (which does what it says on the tin) opened last week in Keighley, West Yorkshire.

The 42 year-old (ready) salt-of-the earth entrepreneur, who says his favourite snack is Roast Beef Monster Munch, hopes his shop will fill a much needed ‘gap’ in the catering market.

Now, I’m partial to the odd crisp sandwich, or I was when I was 10 years-old, but are people really that lazy that they can’t open a bag of crisps and sandwich them between two slices of bread? It appears they are.

After all, Mr Crisp follows hot on the heels of Simply Crispy, a similar establishment that opened as a pop-up shop in Belfast, last year.

Mark says he was so inspired, that he immediately took to social media to gather the flavour of opinion.

After six months, sourcing different crisps and sandwich combinations, he decided to take the plunge. Mr Crisp now stocks more than 50 varieties of crisp flavours, served on white or brown bread, depending on your, erm, preference for ‘healthy eating’.

It also offers customers that little extra something to pimp up their crunchy butty.

Extra toppings include tomato ketchup, salad cream, peanut butter, and marmite, to the wackier and wonderful combination of sticky, sweet jam or gooey marshmallow .

But isn't a crisp sandwich the ultimate lazy boy (and girl's) lunch?

Surely you can't get faster than this type of fast food?

Mark says he will offer a wide selection of flavours that you ‘would struggle to find in any other sandwich’.

You can say that again. Marshmallow and Pickled Onion flavoured Monster Munch, anyone?

Maybe it’s me, but apart from the time I was heavily pregnant and desperately craved (wait for it) lime pickle and sticks of old-fashioned liquorice, I can’t think that I’d ever pay for a crisp sandwich.

One of the worst sandwiches I ever ate at a party was filled with hundreds and thousand sprinkles.

It tasted just like sand, only with less moisture.

But back to the humble crisp. Yes, it’s the translucent version of the chip, and is therefore largely (with the help of a sprinkling of chemicals) potato-based, but would you pay £1 for it, and 50 pence for an extra squirt of ketchup?

I think not.

But Mr Crisp certainly thinks so, because he plans to open up another two shops by the end of the year. From Hula Hoops and Wotsits, to Quavers, Mark hopes his quick fix snack will soon have us all in a quiver. Good luck to him.

If people are daft enough to pay for something that would take seconds to knock up in their own home, then more fool them.

Of course, Mr Crisps follows hot on the heels of other ‘trendy, new businesses’, including the Cereal Killer cafe, serving up, yes, you’ve guessed it, cereal and milk, to a hotel that employs its very own ‘water waiter’, flogging bottles of the finest spring water at an eye-watering £26 a pop!

A fool and his money are easily parted.