Crime is falling but is that our view?

So, crime is at a 40-year low in Doncaster.

On the face of it, that is great news for us all.

Chief constable Med Hughes reports that most categories of crime have recorded a reduction, including the crimes that are most likely to affect us, such as burglarly. And it’s true that Doncaster remains a comparatively safe place to live; thankfully we do not suffer the same levels of street crime, for example, as many other areas where there is significant deprivation.

But crime, like education and health, is a political football these days and we, the public, must be forgiven for being a little bit sceptical about figures that show ever-decreasing crime, like ever-improving exam results.

For example, have we become more tolerant of certain examples of behaviour that a few years ago who have warranted police involvement? Are crimes of old now re-classified as more minor infringements?

Does our experiences in our own communities reflect the police view that crime is falling, and indeed is at a record low? It will be interesting to hear what readers think.

Certainly a stroll round the town centre, walking past groups of drunk and high as a kite yobs, can be a bit of an intimidating experience for ordinary workers and shoppers.