it’s a New Year’s honours outrage

Being name checked on the Queen’s New Year’s honours list is perhaps the greatest accolade that could ever be bestowed.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 4th January 2015, 8:12 am

This year's Brit wards will be hosted by James Corden.

THE BRITS AWARDS 2011 ON TUESDAY 15TH FEBRUARY This year's Brit wards will be hosted by James Corden. PICTURE SHOWS: JAMES CORDEN

Hoards of worthy recipients over the years have rung in the New Year with a trip to see Lizzie at Buckingham Palace

Our very own Ben Parkinson - the most severely injured soldier to survive the war in Afghanistan - was among the MBE recipients last year.

The paratrooper lost both his legs and suffered brain damage in a Taliban bomb blast in 2006.

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After a gruelling rehabilitation process he has learned to walk on his prosthetic legs and has devoted himself to raising money for military charities.

The whole nation was in agreement that Ben was a worthy recipient.

Seeing Ben Parkinson receive an MBE typifies what the honours are all about - rewarding ordinary people for doing extraordinary things.

So imagine my surprise when I read that rotund comedian James Corden was tipped to receive an OBE.

Apparently the 36-year-old will receive the honour in the New Year’s honours list for his services to entertainment and charity.

I mean come on, he made me chuckle in Gavin and Stacey on occasion but not to the point where I thought give that man a medal.

Actor and comedian does job - well done here’s an OBE.

Surely after his BRIT hosting ability the only thing he should be receiving is a presenting for dummies book.

Is it not enough that these celeb types already have The Oscars, The BAFTA’S, the Emmy’s, The BRITS....I could go on.

There’s a 101 different industry awards designed for recognising and rewarding the talents of people like this without giving them the royal seal of approval as well.

The comedian also undertakes a lot of charity work - which is an honourable thing but surely someone who is rolling in money and has a high profile has a distinct advantage when it comes to helping those less fortunate than themselves.

I know there’s a lot of uber rich stars who perhaps aren’t as generous as James Corden, but when you’ve got millions in the bank giving some away to a good cause isn’t that much of a hardship.

It’s the poor old woman who lives round the corner from you who hasn’t got a penny to her name yet dedicates her time to helping others, that in my opinion, should be the one receiving an honour.

With so many celebrities now getting the nod I fear the most prestigious honours are in danger of being drastically diluted.

Let’s leave the celebrities to their countless red carpet award events and leave the New Year’s honours for the truly deserving recipients.