Competing after my knee op

It's been a great summer so far getting out and about competing our pony with my daughter, but as time goes on and my knee-fitness returns after my operation, I wanted to do something with my mare April.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 29th October 2015, 9:34 am

So, a few weeks ago I took April out on our first jumping competition. My surgeon had told me to start off with low jumps and build my knee up, as taking impact in the jump position requires taking wait entirely on my knees and ankles.

We have been jumping at home and building it up, but initially I couldn't do more than a few as that would leave me limping in pain after. It takes a good year for everything to settle, according to my I've had to learn to literally walk before I can run.

We decided pretty much last minute to take April to our first show cross event, only earlier that week had we completed our first 'course' at home without me hugging my knee afterwards. I wasn't bothered about being placed, but I definitely didn't want to hit the deck and wreck my recovery.

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April was a little star loading and warming up. You'd never have thought it had been a year since we last competed. I'd initially entered for the 60cm class but April jumps big and I was concerned my knee would play up. Last minute in the warm up ring, we paired with a friend and dropped to the 50 class.

Neither horses had done show cross before and they were both angels. I think they both loved the cross country phase the best.

I was delighted I'd stayed on my horse, but even more thrilled to come 5th in the pairs with Jodie. We'd seen people come off (jumps had to be put back together) and horses eliminated too. I think Louis(Jodie's horse) and April rather liked each other too.

Jodie's daughters took first place, they were awesome to watch. I hope one day that's my daughter and I. Bombing around together. She's just turned seven, so not just yet but that really would be awesome.