Columnist, Veronica Clark: Car crash of a story is Jeremy Kyle dream

It really is a car crash of a story.

As I write, more salacious reports have emerged regarding Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk, who was suspended by Labour following an apparent sex text scandal. The 49-year-old suffered an almighty fall from grace after ‘sexting’ a 17-year-old. 
But before you become outraged, the situation isn’t as it seems. Instead, it’s the stuff of Jeremy Kyle’s dreams. 
When the father-of-four split from second wife, Karen Danczuk, Mr Danczuk told reporters he’d drink up to three bottles of wine a night.

However, he was still able to see straight enough to send lewd texts to Sophena Houlihan. 
But the 17-year-old, who, like Karen, has a fondness for taking selfies of her ample cleavage, isn’t the innocent she seems. The now 18-year-old has been revealed as a dominatrix who sold toenail clippings for £10 a time. But, believe it or not, it gets worse. 
Mr Danczuk was further humiliated after his first wife, Sonia Rossington, sold her story of their toxic marriage. She said his exploits humiliated their two children they wanted to change their surnames.

Now it’s alleged Sonia worked as an escort.

Meanwhile, Karen has waded back in. She explained they’d attended church together so Danczuk could say a ‘private prayer for forgiveness’. Of course, the social media starlet, who once sold sexy, scented and signed snaps of herself, discussed all this private business in an in-depth interview with LBC Radio.

It’s reported Mr Danczuk turned to her after he was publicly dumped by his last girlfriend, Claire Hamilton. All this from a man regarded as one of the most influential backbenchers in Parliament anwidely acclaimed for his role exposing deceased Lib-Dem MP Cyril Smith as a prolific sex offender.

Yet he and ex-wife Karen lived their lives, and marital breakdown, on social media. The pair make an episode of EastEnders look like Playschool. Now Danczuk’s political career seems in doubt.

You see, Sophena struck up a relationship online with the MP, after she’d messaged him to ask about a job. He told her to call Labour’s constituency office to apply. Instead she contacted him again and began to exchange flirtatious messages.

As Danczuk said: “There’s no fool like an old fool.” He’s right - there isn’t.

Since his suspension, there’s been speculation of a ‘honeytrap’ and talk of a set-up. But he’s a grown man and he made his own decisions. No, the real lesson is if you live your life on social media then you can’t expect privacy when it all comes tumbling down.