Cinderella surgery is a step too far

Kate Mason, My Style column. Picture: Marie Caley D5417MC
Kate Mason, My Style column. Picture: Marie Caley D5417MC
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It’s an iconic moment in the Disney film Cinderella when the heroine’s foot fits perfectly into the infamous shoe.

Poor downtrodden Cinders life is miraculously changed because her slender toes touch the end of that infamous glass slipper.

A woman surrounded by many shoes.

A woman surrounded by many shoes.

Back in the real world however it can sometimes be an uncomfortable squeeze into the perfect pair of heels.

They may look the part but slipping on a pair of strappy sandals can result in untold pain and misery.

After working my way through countless packets of plasters over the year as a result of wearing a pair of shoes that are less than comfortable, I have often wished for smaller, more slender feet.

But while day dreaming about the quest for a pair of killer heels that don’t kill your feet I never once considered going under the knife to make my dream a reality.

But it seems I’ve missed a trick as women are now having plastic surgery to tame their oversized trotters.

I recall only too well the frustration of trying to fit into unrealistically slim designer heels, but like most women I just accept it.

But others are taking more drastic action with the newest trend in cosmetic procedures “Cinderella surgery.”

But it doesn’t sound like a fairytale to me.

The surgery involves cutting open the toes, sawing the bones and then screwing them back together - just imagine the pain.

Having experienced a broken toe in the past the thought of inflicting this on myself through my own choice is quite literally toe curling.

And the surgery takes six to eight weeks to recover from - imagine calling in sick to work with that as an excuse.

The surgery can involve changing the length of toes, removing bunions and there’s even something called “toe lipo,” which is used to make a chubby toes more slender.

Apparently Sex and the City is being blamed for the increasing popularity in the surgery.

I’ve often drooled over the sight of Carrie Bradshaw in a mouth watering pair of Monolo’s, but never once thought about going under the knife in my quest for designer heel glory.

The fact that women are actually having their feet altered to better fit into designer shoes sounds like a step too far in my eyes.

Being blessed with wide size 7’s has never been my favourite thing but I seem to have navigated my way through life without feeling the need to alter them.

They say you should never judge until you’ve walked a mile in someone’s shoes - but if it involves toe breaking and joint cracking and a ridiculous price tag to boot I think I’ll quite happily give it a miss.

In fact I’d rather wear Croc’s and socks than suffer through this.