Cheryl is in crazy stupid in love

Cheryl Cole has married Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini
Cheryl Cole has married Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini

They say once bitten twice shy but it seems some people are reluctant to learn from their mistakes.

Not much shocks me in the land of celebrity but I had to raise an eyebrow when I read that Cheryl Cole had walked down the aisle again - after reportedly dating her new beau for just three months.

Kate Mason, My Style column. Picture: Marie Caley D5417MC

Kate Mason, My Style column. Picture: Marie Caley D5417MC

Her French lover Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini (try saying that when you’ve had a few drinks) has quickly gone from boyfriend to husband in record time.

Talk about life imitating art - I know her new single is called Crazy, Stupid Love, but seriously.

My first thought was what’s the rush?

Everybody knows the first few months of any new relationship is the honeymoon period.

It’s all roses and romance at first but in six months time when she’s shouting at him for leaving his boxers on the bathroom floor or the top off the toothpaste will she still feel the same?

The trick is to see if the relationship can stand the test of time before putting a ring on it.

You’d think after what she went through with Ashley Cole she’d be more reluctant to jump into marriage so quickly.

We do hear about whirlwind weddings all the time in celebville but the most shocking thing for me was the lack of pre nup.

I know the idea of your husband to be running off with all your money is probably not something you want to think about as you’re planning your big day.

But when you’re as business minded as she is surely it makes good sense to protect your assets should things turn sour.

The cynical ones among us may say the timing of the nuptials are more than a coincidence.

Cheryl has a new single to promote and the extra column inches in the press can only be a good thing as far as sales are concerned.

Don’t get me wrong I hope it does work out as I did feel bad for the X-Factor judge when her marriage to Ashley Cole imploded due to his wandering eye.

This time she’s taken a totally different approach - there was now big white wedding fan fare, no magazine deal and hardly any guests.

Fair play to Cheryl for avoiding the media circus - I’m sure she could’ve made a mint from the occasion if she wanted too but she opted for a low key ceremony instead.

Let’s just hope Cherly Cole - or should I say Cheryl Fernandez-Versini is not singing the blues in a few months time when the novelty has worn off.