"Changes to Doncaster have alienated shoppers"

This letter to the Doncaster Free Press was sent in by reader Michael Charlton, of Cantley.

Wednesday, 15th January 2020, 12:42 pm
Hallgate,  Doncaster
Hallgate, Doncaster

Well done to Doncaster for alienating both shoppers and businesses alike in making the greater portion of Doncaster a ghost town.

The photograph taken was on a traditional market day at just past mid day when, in the past, this area and along with the newly laid Silver Street would once be a thriving place for shoppers. On that day you can barely see a hand full of passers by.

Now, there is a vast area of new paving now being used only at `witching` hours for drinkers and `al fresco dining experiences`....as once stated int the Free Press, and nothing more.

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There are, no longer, areas to pull up and park/shop, and no where for traders (that still remain) to load or off load goods and had delivery drivers ask where to pull up,with no success.

The same also applies to the Market Place, with stalls dwindling that sell basic necessities and being replaced by eateries and drinking experiences.

I am all for improving any existing areas that would bring trade to Doncaster, but I`m afraid that these `improvements` will do no such thing to this dying town.

I can only think that the DMBC have either been using up EU donated budgets on these projects, or just do not have the basic idea what our town centre is for.

Michael Charlton