Celebrations don’t have to be flashy to be fun

Reporter Kate Mason.
Reporter Kate Mason.

When it comes to marking a milestone moment it seems the phrase less is more has well and truly gone out of the window.

These days it’s all about the big, the brash and the mega bucks approach.

Champagne bottle chilling in ice bucket

Champagne bottle chilling in ice bucket

There was a time when you used to be able to celebrate the end of school by signing each others’ shirts and having a few shandies but now it’s chauffeur driven super cars and designer ball gowns.

Fair enough times change but when you’re talking about a wedding sized budget for an end of year dance surely that’s overkill?

And the scary thing is all this has happened at lightening pace - just to put this into perspective I had a fancy dress party in the school hall 12 years ago.

I dread to think what things will be like in another 12 years, can we expect future generations of little divas to be demanding helicopter arrivals and diamonds on loan from Lorraine Schwartz?

It’s the same when it comes to exam glory celebrations.

When I picked up my A-Level results I was more than happy with a pat on the back and a well done card.

Now super students expect a financial reward for swotting up.

I’ve often overheard conversations about £100 for an A, £50 for a B and so on - talk about mercenaries.

And it’s the same with hen dos. In the good old days it was a taxi into town, a few ‘L plates’, a tacky tiara, several shots and you were well away.

Now it’s first class flights to exotic destinations, VIP booths and crystal glasses filled with Dom Perignon.

I’m all for indulging in the finer things in life but when you can’t afford a holiday f your own because you’re jet setting off on all these social occasions it becomes a burden rather than a blessing.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to push the boat out but when all is said and done the only thing you really need for a good old celebration is good company.

If you’re having a laugh with your mates does it really matter if your in your back garden or in a Bollinger bar?

The bottom line is you don’t have to flash the cash to have a good time.

So my celebratory words of wisdom are when you’re planning your next knees up don’t feel under pressure to impress or out do anyone just go with the flow and have a good time.