‘To call me a supporter of Boris is just untrue’

I would welcome the assistance of the Free Press regarding the petition directed at me, circulated by Best for Doncaster in Tickhill and elsewhere about a No Deal Brexit. The petition is directed at me as MP for Don Valley.

By Barbara Craythorn
Tuesday, 20th August 2019, 1:54 pm
Updated Thursday, 5th September 2019, 5:21 pm
Caroline Flint
Caroline Flint

The petition begins: “We the undersigned, are writing to you to ask you to withdraw your support for Boris Johnson’s ‘no deal’ Brexit...”

This characterisation of my view is simply dishonest. In Parliament, I have voted twice for a deal to leave the European Union with an agreement, avoiding all uncertainty and disruption, for residents and businesses in Don Valley. If more MPs had done so, we would still not face this uncertainty in the run up to October 31, the new deadline for leaving set by the European Union 27.

Therefore, to call me a supporter of No Deal or Boris Johnson is simply untrue.

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As a Remain-voting MP, I accepted the outcome of the referendum. I voted to trigger Article 50 and I pledged at the 2017 general election to accept the outcome and work for the best deal for Doncaster.

I have done so, and my efforts to secure guarantees on workers’ rights, environmental protections and to secure guarantees for EU citizens in the UK have been well documented. My sadness is that 1,170 days after the EU referendum and 947 days after we served notice that we were leaving, our departure is still unresolved. I believe the public are tired of this, want it settled and are frustrated with Parliament for blocking our departure.

In October, I believe Parliament will be presented with a new deal to vote on and a choice to leave with a Deal or to leave with no deal. I will vote for a deal to avoid a No Deal Brexit and I hope a majority in Parliament adopt the same approach. Perhaps the Free Press could ask Best for Doncaster, who have not sent me the petition, to do so, so I may respond to those constituents who have been misled about my view.

Caroline Flint

MP for Don Valley