Age with grace and shun surgeon’s knife

Doncaster Free Press reporter Kate Mason.  Picture: Liz Mockler D1594LM
Doncaster Free Press reporter Kate Mason. Picture: Liz Mockler D1594LM

The pressure to look good when you’re in the harsh glare of the media spotlight must be quite a burden to bare.

I’m sure the constant paparazzi intrusion and criticism for not looking perfectly preened must start to get you down.

A plastic surgery patient. Picture: PA Photo/Thinkstockphotos.

A plastic surgery patient. Picture: PA Photo/Thinkstockphotos.

But I still don’t think that’s a reason to go under the surgeon’s knife to keep up appearances.

I’m so sick of opening a magazine or turning on the TV to find some glamorous celebrity looks like a completely different person thanks to a large helping of botox followed by a side order of lip implants.

I’m not totally anti-surgery if someone really has a problem with their nose or some other facial feature that is impacting on their life surgery may seem drastic but can give someone the confidence they have always craved.

But celebrities who constantly tweak their already perfectly proportioned features just to turn back the clock a few months are just spoiling themselves in the long run.

It’s as if all the female celebrities are morphing into one feline looking carbon copy thanks to constant trips to the surgeon’s office.

I like to refer to it as the “cat attack” phase.

A bit of botox here and there can make these celebs looked fresh faced for a few months but you can guarantee six months down the line they’ll start adopting the cat like look.
My rant about celebrity surgery was spurred on by a recent picture I saw of Stephanie Pratt (former Hills reality TV star) out with another of my reality TV favourites Spencer Matthews from Made in Chelsea.

After being an avid viewer of the Hills for years and even embarrassingly owning the box set I am quite confident I could recognise one of its stars a mile off.

But this particular picture of the two stars out and about on a date left me asking who is that girl?

She honestly looked like a different person thanks to tinkering with her features.

I couldn’t have picked her out of line-up her look had changed so dramatically.

What on earth motivates these people to want to look completely different?

For a lot of these people it’s their looks that catapulted them to celebrity status in the first place so why go and completely change them?

People age - it happens - I think everyone out there realises this, so why spend so much time and money trying to deny this basic fact of life.

I mean who wants to look like a 20-year-old when you’re in your 50s? It’s just a bit weird if you ask me.

Come and ask me again when my anti-wrinkle creams are failing to work wonders when I’m pushing 40 and maybe I’ll feel differently but for now I think it’s much more attractive to grow old gracefully and shun the surgeon’s knife.