Aasma Day: Please tell me if I’m making a fool of myself

The National Television Awards 2000
The National Television Awards 2000

Lipstick on your teeth? Skirt stuck up your backside? Tights got massive ladders at the back? Eye-liner smudged all over your face?

If you’re anything like me, all these things have happened to you.

When someone finally points out your blunder, all you can think is: “Why on earth didn’t someone tell me earlier?”

People are afflicted by a need to be polite but, sometimes, our attempts not to embarrass someone end up with them becoming a greater source of embarrassment, as their indiscretion is witnessed by a larger number of people.

I’m sure I’ve been dismissed as a batty woman on numerous occasions as I’ve walked around oblivious to the fact I’ve got something on my face or absent-mindedly gone out wearing odd shoes.

Two particular incidents stick out in my mind and make me flush with embarrassment.

The first was after I’d been to a hairdressers.

I was made to put on one of those capes – you know the ones where you put your arms in first like an apron.

I’m not sure how it happened – or why they didn’t stop me – but somehow I managed to leave the premises still wearing said cape.

It was a good 10 minutes before realisation dawned and I sheepishly made my way back to the salon to return it.

The second incident was at Boots.

I had popped in to pick up a few things and I picked up a basket and put it on my arm.

On walking round the store, none of the items I wanted were in stock, so I decided to come back another day.

Deep in thought, I was making my way across the high street, when in horror I looked at my arm to find a basket on it!

With a burning face, I rushed back to Boots to return the offending item. I’ve never shoplifted in my life but suddenly it looked like I’d attempted to shoplift an empty basket.

No-one is immune to making a boob at some time or other. Who can forget Judy Finnigan’s notorious appearance at the National Television Awards when she flashed her bra to the nation.

My advice is if you ever see anyone suffering a wardrobe malfunction – with smudged eye make-up or food stuck between their teeth – please tell them.

Even though they might look mortified at the time, chances are they’ll thank you later.