A plus and a minus for life in Denaby

This week saw a positive and a negative in the provision of community provision in Denaby.

At long last youngsters were able to use the multi-million Tom Hill centre. It is a superb facility and a credit to the village.

It’s not just about boxing, it’s about drama dance and music too.

Then with the results of the judicial review into Mayor Davies’ decision to close down Denaby Library ruling in his favour, it seems that there is no chance of it reopening.

So many people will see this as another nail in the coffin for an area which needs as many community facilities as it can muster.

But there was little groundswell of opinion against the closure when it was first mooted - barely five per cent of people responded to a consultation survey.

And there has been very little if anything in the way of volunteers putting themselves forward to run a replacement service.

Perhaps with the Internet and information available at everyone’s fingertips the idea of libraries seems a bit old-fashioned.

But for old and young alike libraries have been and continue to be a focal point for communities involving much more than stamping a couple of dog-eared hard backs every couple of weeks.

The decision to closure of Denaby Library was not an easy decision to take against the background of swingeing Government cuts to the budget of Doncaster Council.

Hopefully the new Tom Hill centre can help the young at least take part in some of the community based cultural activities they would have missed out on with the library closure.