OPINION: Driving over 70 - what do you think the protocol should be?

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A horror crash on the M1 that left two people dead this morning has driven Sheffield residents to social media to appeal for a change in the law.

The collision at J24a in the early hours of this morning, followed reports of a car which was allegedly spotted driving the wrong way down the motorway. Police have since revealed the vehicle was being driven by an 87-year-old, who died of his injuries at the scene.

According to current law, there is no legal age at which a person must stop driving, though it is necessary to re-apply for your license on your 70th birthday and every three years thereafter.

Speaking on The Star’s Facebook page, Rachel Cresswell said: “People should have to have an annual driving test after a certain age and there should be a limit you have to stop driving by.”

Wendy Hopkinson agreed: “There should be a re-test along with a medical. Maybe these two lives could have been saved if there was stricter monitoring of licences.”

Lynn Hibberd added: “Yes they should be stopped driving at 80 for their own sakes and for others.”

Phil Carr took the argument one step further, saying: “I think everyone should be tested every five years from passing their test.”

Richard Spooner agreed: “I’m with Phil on this one, you should have to take a re-test every so often. The road network changes so quickly, with new rules to the Highway Code coming in. It can be confusing to the best of drivers.”

Carol Naylor said: “Re-test needed at 70 and a medical certificate.”

Sandra Davies said: “Re-take every three years and a full medical check.”

Angela Lane asid: “Drivers should be tested every three years after they reach seventy.”

Angela Owens said: “Once you reach 60 I think it should be a re-test.”

Lucy Fairest Clapham added: “I think the fact that it is the responsibility of the individual to declare any health issues needs changing. If an elderly person thinks their condition will stop them driving, then I don’t think they would declare it, as it could take some independence away from them.

“I think it should be a re-test at 70, but I’m not sure how many actually would do it, given the years of driving they would have had and with introduction of theory tests, etc.”

What do you think?