Olympic Flame route

Olympics 2012 logo
Olympics 2012 logo

THE Doncaster streets through which the Olympic Flame will be carried have been officially announced.

On June 26 the flame will go through Conisbrough, Warmsworth, Doncaster, Armthorpe, Dunsville and Hatfield.

A total of 8,000 torchbearers will take the torch on its 70-day journey which begins in Land’s End on May 19.

9.50am - Conisbrough

* Conisbrough Old Road from Hill Top Road Junction

* Conisbrough Church Street

* Conisbrough Castle Street

* Conisbrough Castle Hill

* Conisbrough Castle Hill- Right Turn

* Conisbrough Low Road (A6023)- Left Turn

* Conisbrough Doncaster Road (A630) To National Speed

10.23am - Limit Signs 39 CONVOY: Conisbrough - Warmsworth

* Warmsworth Sheffield Road (A630) from Warmsworth Town

Signs 39 Warmsworth Warmsworth Road (A630)

* Warmsworth Balby Road (A630)

11.03am - Doncaster Cleveland Street (A630)

* Doncaster Cleveland Street - Right Turn

* Doncaster Hall Gate

* Doncaster South Parade

* Doncaster Bennethorpe

* Doncaster Bennethorpe - Left Turn

* Doncaster Leger Way (A18)

* Doncaster CREW BREAK

* Doncaster Leger Way (A18)

* Doncaster Leger Way (A18) to Huntington Road Junction

12.57pm CONVOY: Doncaster - Armthorpe

* Armthorpe Armthorpe Road from Mansfield Crescent

* Junction 39 Armthorpe Doncaster Road

* Armthorpe Church Street

* Armthorpe Church Street - Left Turn

* Armthorpe Mill Street

* Armthorpe Hatfield Lane to Willow Road Junction

* CONVOY: Armthorpe - Dunsville

1.20pm - Dunsville Thorne Road (A18) from Winthorne Hall

Dunsville High Street (A18)

* Dunsville Doncaster Road

1.47pm- Hatfield Manor Road

* Hatfield High Street (A18) to Old Thorne Road Junction

* CONVOY: Hatfield - Scunthorpe