Officers warning over scam

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DONCASTER residents are being warned about bogus callers trying to con people out of cash by claiming to work for loan companies.

Officers are warning people to be wary of calls purporting to be from loan companies or advising on PPI claims with the promise of ready cash.

Callers will advise you that you are eligible for a loan, however, an upfront fee is invariably requested to allow the main transaction to take place.

UKASH voucher codes are often requested and although UKASH vouchers are a legitimate way of making online purchases, no reputable company will ring and ask for this method of payment.

UKASH are a reputable company and are not involved in the scams. It is scammers taking advantage of the service they provide.

Further information and security tips can be found on their website

Crime management unit investigator Jayne Lickiss said: “People should always be extremely cautious about providing any information over the phone. Bogus callers often pretend to be from reputable financial institutions and have requested their victims to send cash in advance by vouchers in exchange for a loan.

“Callers may be very convincing, but residents must keep in mind the fact that the person at the other end of the line has put time and effort into rehearsing their lines with the hope of catching them out. Do not send the money or give out any personal details unless you really know who you are sending it to.”

If other people think they have been targeted by this or similar scams, report the matter to the national Action Fraud at or call South Yorkshire Police on 101. You can also contact your local Citizens Advice Centre for further guidance.